Have you ever heard of Yasso 800s? This is a speed workout designed/discovered by Bart Yasso, the CRO (chief running officer) at Runner’s World magazine. What you do is you run 800 meter intervals. You run them at a pretty hard pace. You time them. And you translate your time from minutes and seconds to hours and minutes. And that time is, approximately, your goal/potential marathon time.

So, if you wanted to run a 3 hour 20 minute marathon, you should be able to run your Yasso 800s at a 3 minute 20 second pace. Or if you ran your 800s at a 3 minute 20 second pace, you should be capable of running a 3 hour 20 minute marathon. For a good workout, you do 4-10 of these 800 meter repeats at a time walking/jogging between each interval for the same amount of time that you ran.

I’d never done this before, but I decided to give it a go on Wednesday, even though it was raining and cold and I almost decided to just go around the track a couple of times and call it good. As always, however, once I got going it wasn’t so bad and I did 5 800 meter repeats. If this equation is to be believed, then it looks like I’m about at the same place I was when I qualified for Boston. My perfect day scenario would have me finishing in 3:20, give or take 5 minutes.

That’s good to know. It’s good to have an idea of what I could do, if all goes as well as it did in Hartford, where I qualified for Boston.

It was also probably the best part of marathon training this week. I did run Monday-Thursday. I cranked out those miles. But I could feel myself wearing down. I did a “short long run” (8 miles) on Saturday and it was, quite probably, the longest of my long runs even though the actual distance covered was the shortest of my long runs.

But it is about that time in training: the time when it starts to wear on me. I’ve been tired and hungry. My body needs a little more rest and relaxation. Which is great because that’s exactly how things have been going so far this week. And it feels just fine.horse! in the park!

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