Cinnamon. Such a warm flavor. So comforting. So tasty. I thought it would be nice to end this year’s RSBC with the taste of cinnamon on our tongues to warm us from the inside out.

Of course, then I made a cold drink, which, though tasty, isn’t something I’m going to brew up on a day a snowstorm is scheduled to shower us with love, er, hate, er SNOW.

But Stephanie seemed to have the right idea. She brewed us up something warm and exotic to warm our chilly fingers and transport us to the Arabian deserts, which sounds pretty darn good right about now.

Stephanie’s recipe is the only one I’ve received (so far!). And not only did she kill it in the cooking challenge, she also ran 30 miles this month and biked 9. I’m pretty impressed with Stephanie’s showing, especially considering she lives in Utah, which, I’m led to believe, has been a bitterly cold sheet of ice for much of the winter. Rock on, Stephanie. Rock on.

I’ll post additional recipes as I get them. I know Christy has one to share, but she’s been traveling and may need some extra time.

Otherwise, this concludes the 2013 RSBC Challenge! Another February conquered! Another Spring (or almost Spring) off on the right foot. Thanks again to Christy for letting me co-host. It’s been a pleasure.

ps My first post is up on! Check it out and tell me how you power up for parenthood.

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