Let’s Look at the Bright Side, Shall We?

In the past couple of days I have gotten a lot of sleep.

I’ve read almost two books. In less than a week!

I’ve watched three movies with the boys. With them. (Sort of.)

I didn’t have to deal with pulling my tired children out of bed an hour earlier because of the time change.

I didn’t have to deal with putting my very awake children to bed early because of the time change.

In fact, we’ve been fairly oblivious to time at all. Breakfast at noon? Why not?

And we got to have chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Because we were sure we could get Squish to eat that when everything else had failed.

happy pancake

We were happy when he only left half of it on the plate. (Almost as happy as the monkey on the pancake.)

And there is always the hope that tomorrow, we’ll be well again. Or at least well enough to change out of our pajamas.

That’s the hope.

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  1. There are totally days that I make pancakes for dinner just because I know that Grant will eat them and I’m not in the mood for a battle. I say there’s nothing wrong with it.


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