For years now Micah and I have been putting the boys to bed, doing a little clean up around the apartment, then sitting down to work on our projects for a few hours before we get ready for bed.

It seemed like a good system. Until bedtime, that is. You see, we’d often work until we were exhausted. The last thing we wanted to do was read scriptures, write in journals, brush teeth. So we’d put it off and put it off until we were even more exhausted. And then we (meaning “me”) would drag our feet getting ready for bed and it would take even longer.

So, basically, it wasn’t really a good system. But I couldn’t see that. I didn’t see any other way to do things.

Then, several weeks ago, Micah had an idea that blew my mind: what if we put the kids to bed, did the dishes and cleaned up together, then got ready for bed (read scriptures, wrote in journals)? The remaining time was ours to use as we wanted (writing, guitar playing, designing yoga-ing), and when we were done, we were done and could go right to bed. No more dragging my feet through my eternal get-ready-for-bed routine. photo copy 10

We’ve been at it for almost 2 months now, and can I just say that although it was a tiny disruption in our nightly schedule, it had a big impact. The night feels so much more open. Going to bed is actually relaxing. We’re still awake when we read scriptures together. Amazing.

I thought I’d pass it along: maybe you’re in a rut and you didn’t even know it. Maybe you need a little disruption to turn things around and change your life. Maybe all it takes is doing something backward. Maybe.

Good luck with that.

ps I’m heading out of town tomorrow, so I’m not going to stress getting up a post, but I’ll be back on Friday with the Weekly Retrospective. Happy Thursday!

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