Bad Decisions

I sometimes make bad decisions. Don’t we all? Of course, I don’t realize they are bad decisions at the time. If I did, I wouldn’t make them.

How could I have known, for example, that it would take me 3 hours to fall asleep last night? If I had known that was going to happen, I would not have made the decision to stay up until midnight. That was a bad decision. If I had known it would take me that long, I would have gone to bed at 9:00.balloon

Or could I have foreseen the breakdown Manchild would suffer when he realized we brought only one pink balloon home from Squish’s preschool? (I suppose there’s a strong argument that I could have, but see scenario #1 in which I am up until 3:00am through no fault of my own. I plead insanity.) If I had known about the meltdown, I would have made a good decision by leaving all balloons at preschool. For sure.

And, finally had I known that the bottle of spice I pulled out of the cupboard and sprinkled onto my weekly granola batch was onion powder instead of ground ginger, well, I wouldn’t have tried to get all fancy with the spices. Cinnamon does a very good job on its own, thank you. But now, because of my bad decision to not read the label, we will be tolerating a hint of onion in our normally cookie-like granola for the next week.

Please, if you’ve made any similar decisions lately, do tell. I could use some company.

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  1. Oh Lizzie! I loved reading this! I have gone completely batty lately. Somehow I poured a cup of sugar into the pancake batter I was making when it only called for a tablespoon? I think it was just a tablespoon. Then last night I teased Jon about the fact that he left my body pillow in the living room after laying on it and it would really be great if I could wrap it around me because my back was killing me when in fact I had just been sitting on it. Not him. Me. And just a few minutes before I asked him why he left it in the other room. We had a good laugh about it, but the thought that I am insane was not lost on me. On Sunday we walked into Sacrament meeting during the opening hymn and then when it was time to sing the sacrament hymn Jon turned to the opening hymn. “Didn’t we already sing the opening hymn?” I asked. “Yah. Don’t you remember walking in halfway through?” he responded. I guess that one wasn’t so much me losing it as Jon, but we realized how tired we were when we couldn’t stop laughing. And just how much we are both losing it. It’s a shame about your granola. Thanks for referencing Ratatouille. For some reason that line always makes me laugh and it always makes me think of you and Micah.


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