This Week in Marathon Training

20130226-210737.jpgFor the past few years I’ve been wishing I could be one of those people. Those people who seem to effortlessly wake up early and put their miles in before the day begins, who don’t have to think about whether they should set the alarm or not, for whom running was such an integral part of the day that it was as predictable as breakfast.

I had plenty of reasons why I couldn’t be one of those people. I’m not a morning person. I have an infant who still wakes up at night. It’s cold out. That sort of thing.

But it has been a goal, in the back of my mind, to save for another time. When the kids are a little older, when I’m a little more mature in my sleeping habits, when the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing in the trees.

I don’t want to jinx myself or anything, but it’s been pretty easy for me to wake up in the mornings lately, and it’s been easy to stay awake all day. I feel energetic throughout the day. I don’t dread rolling out of bed and out the door. I feel like I’m approaching the next level of runner-hood. I feel like I’m starting to become one of those people.

The cold can still be intimidating, of course. Which is why I didn’t even bother trying to get out last Monday. But even through wind and rain, it felt good to be out the other days. I fought the wind through a 5-mile tempo run on Wednesday, and ignored the cold drizzling rain for nearly 17 miles on Saturday (although I did take refuge in the ladies’ room after about 10 miles and snapped the picture below), and enjoyed the warmish sunshine on Thursday.

I credit my motivation to Christy and her Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge. At first I thought it would be fun to see if I could get anywhere close to 140.6 miles this month. After the first week I realized that it was a real possibility, and each day as I’ve gotten 6 or so miles closer to the goal, it has been amazing to rediscover those parts of me that are unaffected by late nights and early mornings, that are consistently energized by working toward a goal . . . and that are looking forward to tomorrow’s run, when, after another lap around the park (or several intervals around the track), I’ll hit 141 miles for the month with 1 day to spare.20130226-210753.jpg

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  1. Lizzie, this is so amazing. I’m really, really excited that you’ve made your goal! My feet are applauding!


  2. The RSBC Challenge has been a good push for me too. Even though I am a morning person, I’m still just barely becoming a running person. I’ve been used to getting up at the alarm almost every morning and taking my dog for a walk, with the occasional run. Now I’m getting in the habit of a run every morning, with the occasional walk or bike ride. Because of the challenge, I made myself get outside, despite bad weather. I’ve discovered I can run while it’s snowing, or when it’s only 5 degrees out, or when there’s a -1 degree wind chill.


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