20130219-214730.jpgAlways check the weather. Always. I’m somewhat obsessive about it. Starting after we put the boys to bed, I’ll check weather.com 3-4 times a night to see how the next morning is shaping up. If it’s going to be 40 degrees at 7am, I say a little prayer of thanksgiving that I don’t have to bother with socks in the morning. If it’s less than 30, I plan on adding a shell and fleece headband to my outfit. And then, first thing in the morning, I check it again. Just to be sure.

And that, my friends, is the secret to winter running: Check the weather and dress appropriately. Do that and putting in several miles in the early daylight hours is almost never as painful as you might expect it to be. In fact, it is often much more pleasant than you’d imagine.

Pleasant. That is how I am feeling about my training these days. It is pleasant. Even when I’m running with my glasses in my hand rather than on my face because I didn’t put in my contacts and it is raining. Even when I’m running up the hill 5 times in a row. Even when I’m tired from sleeping 6 hours or less most nights out of the week. And especially when I’m able to put in 17 miles before noon on a Saturday morning.

I’m getting a lot of pleasure in my running these days, and it’s a good thing, too, because I kind of feel like training for this marathon is the one thing I’m doing well. And that’s fine. Sometimes life is like that. If I can do one thing well at a time, I’ll take pleasure in it.

And in case you were thinking of running tomorrow morning, definitely wear the socks. And probably the headband too.

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