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Run Swim Bike Cook 2013: Ironman Meets Ironchef

It’s here, people! It’s here. February. I know you’ve been looking forward to it because nothing is more exciting, more enjoyable, more fun than . . . the doldrums of winter. You’ve been looking forward to this gray, cold, wetness since August, and now it’s finally here!

Hooray . . . ?

Okay, maybe not. But since it’s here anyway, at the very least you could make February go faster by . . . going faster. Running. Swimming. Biking. That kind of thing. Maybe celebrate your accomplishments with something good, and good-for-you, to eat.

Yes, that’s right. It’s time for the Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge! Christy, the intrepid host of this event, has been doing the challenge for years. She was kind enough to invite me to co-host again this year, which I’m ever so grateful for because this challenge makes February so much better. (See here for previous years’ challenges.)


 If you aren’t familiar with the challenge here are the details:

You have 28 days to do one of the challenges, some of the challenges or all of the challenges. You decide based on your fitness level.

Challenge 1: Run 26.2 miles (I suggest a mile a day)
Challenge 2: Swim 2.4 miles*
Challenge 3: Bike 112 miles**
Challenge 4: Cook 3 of the 4 superfood “iron-chef” challenges. You have a week to come up with a dish that blows us away.

Now before you freak out and run screaming, remember you have 28 days to do this. Unlike the amazing Ironman competitors, you get a whole month  to do your triathlon. And this is no two hour culinary competition with  glaring lights and TV cameras and hyper announcers. Nope. This is you,  your superfood of the week, and your kitchen going at it for seven days.

Still not convinced? You can do all  your running, swimming and biking (and cooking!) inside. Or outside.  Your choice.

Since I am training for the marathon, I’m going heavy on the running. Super heavy. In fact, I’m going to see how close I can get to running all 140.6 of the miles. Should be fun.

* One water aerobics class = 0.4 miles
**One spin class = 12 miles

Rules: First and foremost, have fun. Second, send an email to Christy (christy DOT spackman AT gmail DOT com) for weeks one and three’s challenges, and to me (lizzie AT motherrunner DOT com) for weeks two and four by the following Tuesday at midnight, including a link to your blogpost for the week. Your post should highlight where you are in the event, and/or have a mouthwatering  pic of your ironchef entry for the week.

For our first Ironchef challenge, Christy has chosen the long-standing yet humble Mediterranean “superfood,” rosemary. Chop it up, mix it in, and spin out the perfect rosemary containing breakfast food.

Got that? Rosemary. For breakfast.

Christy says: “Of the currently hot foods, herbs carry about quite a bit of culinary and historical luggage. Rosemary may soothe, it may excite, it may fight cancer. No matter what you think it does, it most importantly brings a bit of beautiful green into the drab of winter.” And Christy knows her stuff, people.

Okay, let’s rock this February thing!

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