February is already 1/4 of the way over, if you’re keeping tabs (which I most definitely am). So far I’ve run 31.8 miles, baked up a dozen rosemary and brie biscuits, and inhaled two bowls of ice cream. Not a bad showing for the first week of the RSBC. I’m skeptical, however, that the impending blizzard is going to allow me to run the double-digit miles I was hoping for this weekend. And I’m totally bummed about that.

On the bright side, if I’m not running for 2 hours, that’s 2 more hours I have to work on Week 2’s cooking challenge: using lentils in a main dish.

Lentils don’t get nearly the credit they deserve, in my humble opinion. They are so tasty, so easy to cook, so good for you. You’d think they’d be all over the place, in everything. But mostly they’re just in soups, stirred in with some sausage and carrots. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with and to get some new recipes for the humble lentil.

But maybe I’ll forget the lentils for a few days and just sit around and play “Cut the Rope” all weekend instead. Manchild is determined to get all the stars in as many boxes as we can manage. It’s quality family time, people. Teamwork. Persistence. Determination. “Cut the Rope” is our family sport. At least for February.

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