Let’s all get on the same page really quickly: Lentils are awesome. Easy, tasty, versatile.

But maybe you are not like me and you don’t have an aversion to beef and you are not always looking for the perfect veggie burger. What can the humble lentil offer you? So much, my friend, so much.


Let’s start with Stephanie’s Lentils with Sausage and Kale. This may be a good starting place for those of you who are a little skeptical about lentils. The method is straightforward, the ingredient list is not at all intimidating, and for those who are unsure about the lentil as a substitute for meat, there’s the sausage. An excellent gateway into Lentilland. Nice work, Stephanie. (And I don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to your food photography. It looks delish.)


Erin demonstrated the versatility/forgive-ability of the lentil with her spicy Italian lentil soup, which she says was “thrown together” from ingredients she had lying around the kitchen. Just toss it all in a pot and let it simmer. Easy as pie.


Kara contributed a delicious looking lentil-loaf as well as the brilliant idea of baking it in muffin tins and topping it with mashed potatoes for a super healthy, deceptively delicious, kid-friendly “cupcake.”

And that, my friends, is but a small sampling of the potential for health and deliciousness that the lentil is full of. I hope you are inspired to experiment with lentils more in your daily cooking, and if you do, send me the recipe.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the week 3 challenge is sage, two ways. Take a look at Christy’s post for the details. And send your week 3 posts to her (christy DOT spackman AT gmail DOT com) by next Tuesday.

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