This Week in Marathon Training

Mondays are hard. But you already knew that. To date, 2013 has not seen me running on the streets on a Monday morning. Thankfully, God gave us workout videos to quell our guilt when we are too tired and lazy to leave the house. The Baron and I had a nice power yoga session on Monday morning, with only a couple of breaks for diaper changing, nursing, and conflict resolution.


Hills are also hard. I was looking forward to Wednesday’s hill workout because, you know . . . okay, maybe you don’t. And neither do I. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to running some hills. And I did it. Not as many as I’d hoped (3 instead of 4), but I’m going to go ahead and blame that on needing to get home by 8:00 so Micah could go to work and not on the fact that I thought I might lose the breakfast I hadn’t yet eaten before I got to the top that 4th time. Despite the difficulty, I’m going to count the hills as a success simply because it is early in my training and I now have something to compare my next hill workout too.

The last hard thing was running “easy” and not pushing the pace too much on Tuesday and Thursday. My easy pace should be about 8:20/mile. But over the past few months I’ve grown used to consistently running sub-8:00s because I run so inconsistently that I can push the pace without consequences. But now I am running consistently. I am getting tired. I am running slower. And knowing that I’m running slower, even if it is the pace that I’m actually going for, is a little bit hard for me to do. I imagine that, too, will be easier as time goes by.

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Thankfully, my 10-miler Saturday morning was not hard. It’s been over a year since I’ve run that far. But I’ve run that distance and then some enough times that there was no mental hurdle to clear. I did get a little crampy mid-run, but I just slowed down a notch and rode it out. And then, as I exited the park and made for the homestretch, Swim came up on my playlist. It was the perfect way to celebrate my first full week of marathon training. (That and avoiding the spit of the guy who didn’t hear me coming up behind him as I cruised up Eastern Parkway. Avoiding spit on the streets of Brooklyn is also always worth celebrating.)

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  1. New Vibrams?
    Pacing is tough. I made it out 4 times last week, including a 6 miler, and (since calf injury in August) my long/slow pace is a glacial 10:00. I WANT to run faster (the numbers on the watch taunt me), but know I shouldn’t, lest I reinjure.


    lizzie Reply:


    Those watches certainly do know how to taunt. I’d leave it at home, but I like watching the miles add up.


  2. One of my favorite running stories to tell is recounting the time I got smacked in the face by another runner’s loogie mid-race! Gotta be on the lookout 🙂

    Love your blog,
    Happy Running!


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about that! You definitely have to be attentive to such things . . . I’m sure that experience has left an impact. 🙂


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