We all have our limits. I may (or may not) be able to wake up before the sun three days a week. I may not blink an eye before going out to run in the rain (though sometimes I blink several times in an effort to blink the rain away). I may, occasionally, forgo a lazy, cozy evening at home to sneak a run in before a big storm. But when I wake up and the “feels like” temperature is -1? Forget about it. Marathon training is supposed to be challenging, not miserable.

So, this week in marathon training looked a lot like many weeks before marathon training: not a lot of running going on. I did manage to get up on Monday (a first for this training cycle) for an easy 5, followed by some strides (speed up to near-capacity over 100 yards, recover, repeat). I told myself the strides were a “reward” for getting out on a Monday, and as the week went on and the temperature refused to break 20 degrees, I was glad that I’d snuck some speed work in. If you can’t go far, you might as well go fast.

The rest of the week I “cross-trained” with my B-B-boyfriends, Billy Blanks and Baron Baptiste. It’s good to get some core work in, right? Right.

Thankfully, by Saturday the temperature was above 20. And it even “felt like” it was in the double digits. I thought I’d better take advantage of the heat wave and get some miles in. I did 7, which was half of my planned run, but 7 is better than a poke in the eye. Also, better than no miles. I’ll take it, and be grateful for every day that is warmer than 20 degrees.


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