This Week in Marathon Training

Ashton Eaton told me on Tuesday– via Nike + – that he hoped to see me again the next day, and since Micah was okay with that, I went out for a cold and rainy 3-mile tempo run on Wednesday. Ashton didn’t mention anything about it, which was a shame because I really could have used the encouragement.

It was a rough tempo run, and the only thing that makes me feel okay about it, aside from having completed it, was being reminded by an article in this month’s Runner’s World that things that are hard on week one will be less so by week 10. My fingers are crossed on that one.


Thankfully, that was the only hard thing about the week. I did have to be a little flexible with my planning and adapt to later start times (thanks to Little Miss Hungry), a sick husband (a blessing in disguise), and beautiful weather (if only every long run could be 47 degrees and sunny). Bend, don’t break, right?

On the flip-side, I fell asleep on the couch three times this week. Or almost fell asleep. Squish was determined to curl up “with” me which was a nice sentiment, but it sounded a lot like, “Mom, scoot over some more, I need some more room!” and felt a lot like being kicked off the couch. By attempt #3 he was successful and we both slept for an indeterminate amount of time.

It’s nice to know my family’s with me all the way on this one.

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  1. Hope you can keep it up in these brutal temperatures!


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