The Homeschool Project

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Today’s homeschool included these lessons:

  • Mud puppies are salamanders, not fish. The largest North American frog is the bullfrog. And the sandhill crane makes its nest in . . . wait for it . . . a hill of sand. (Thanks to the game “Freshwater Life,” we can check “science lesson” off our weekly list.)
  • The page of 2-digit addition problems gets done a lot more quickly when you are competing with your brother, who is busy tracing 9s and counting to 10.
  • Manchild and Squish invented the same game as Pippi and Annika and Tommy. Completely independently, of course. Our kids called it “Stepland,” but Pippi and Settergrens called it “Don’t Step on the Floor.”
  • If you are ever in a house with a gun, don’t touch it. Don’t even think about touching it. In fact, leave. Water guns excepted. (It’s nice that Pippi brought up the issue of gun control in such a seamless way. Did you know that the book ends with her shooting two pistols straight into the air and declaring that she wants to be a pirate when she grows up?)
  • Bike riding counts as gym class. Always and forever.
  • Blowing bubbles with gum also counts as gym class. It takes a surprising amount of coordination and control to blow one of those things. (Also: not easy to teach.)


This is the truth: homeschool still stresses me out quite a bit. Also, I think it is slightly unnecessary because Manchild is ahead of most of his peers. Also, I am not required to file any paperwork, come up with lesson plans, chart progress or count hours until Manchild is in first grade. What this means is that I have very little motivation to come up with lesson plans or chart progress or count hours. So I don’t.

Instead, I’m easing my way into homeschool. We’re starting with a reading “lesson” (aka story time), a math lesson – which means a page from a workbook, and discussions about anything else that interests them.

It’s fun/funny to see how everything turns into “homeschool” when you look at it the right way. And also how “homeschool” turns into life.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect way to do it to me. Glad you found something that’s working.


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