The Equality of Two Evils

I don’t know which is worse: taking your kid to the doctor because you think he has a problem, only to have the doctor look at you blankly as you clumsily try to explain why you think your perfectly normal child is defective, or taking your kid to the doctor because you think he has a problem – and being right.

Part of me is really grateful that I didn’t bundle up my children and herd them onto the train in sub-freezing temperatures just to be told (in so many words/facial expressions) that I am paranoid/overly-sensitive/hovering/crazy.

The other part of me thinks that being grateful that my child has a borderline hearing problem simply because it made bundling up my children and herding them onto the the train in sub-freezing temperatures “worth it” is, not to put too fine a point on it, silly.

But I suppose there is a middle ground here. Yes, Squish has been driving us nuts the past few weeks with his “What? What? What? I can’t hear you!” routine (even when we are standing 3 feet away and looking straight at him) and yes, he does have fluid in his ears (likely from the monster cold he had during Christmas vacation). But it’s just fluid in his ears. It is just a borderline problem.

I am glad we were not being paranoid. And I’m glad it’s not too serious.

I don’t know where we go from here, but I suppose if the ears don’t drain themselves, we’ll have to have them drained. Either that or spend the next 15 years speaking very clearly and distinctly two feet from Squish’s face.

And I don’t think anybody wants that.


(Thankfully, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his eyes.)

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  1. I hope they drain, but if not, my son has tubes and has done wonderfully with them.


  2. All four of our neighbor’s kids have had to have tubes. They constantly had ear infections though. Has that been an issue for Squish? I know what you mean- is it worse to go to the doctor and have nothing wrong or to not go and be dealing with a real issue. It was the 2nd visit in three days before our doctor told us Lydia had croup. I felt dumb after visit #1, but clearly something was wrong. We’re already worried about her hearing, but that’s probably just because we’re a bit paranoid. Good luck! I hope his ears drain on their own.


    lizzie Reply:

    Actually, none of our kids have ever had an ear infection. At least not one that has been diagnosed. It seems like the fluid has cleared out, at least a bit. He doesn’t ask, “What? What? What?” all the time, anyway . . . .


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