My Boston 2013 Training Plan

The first day, there was snow on the ground. Wet, slushy snow. Just an inch or so, but still.

A couple of days later, the Weather Channel said it was 17 degrees out. But itย felt like 10 degrees.

This morning it was 6:30. I’d turned out the light at 1:00, brought the baby into bed at 4:30. But my alarm was going off . . . .

Somehow, I managed to get out the door anyway.

There is only one thing that would induce me to endure such things. It must be marathon training time.

The Boston Marathon is, what? 14 weeks away? Something like that. I have one goal: finish the race. Okay, two goals: don’t take all day doing it.

I’m feeling a little bit shy about committing to a set training plan like I usually do. The kind where I write down on the calendar every run and how far and fast it should be. Instead I’m starting out with a looser plan, one that, I hope, I will be committed to simply because I made it up. I’m telling myself what to do. And this is how it goes:

My “easy” runs will be 4-5 miles until the end of February, when I’ll bump them up to 5-7. I will run 2 or 3 of them per week. Probably Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

If I miss an easy run, I’ll add in some cross training. Yoga, in my living room, with Baron Baptiste and a couple of rug rats (mat rats?). Or Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks.

On Wednesdays, I’ll run hills. Or do a tempo run. Or speedwork. Just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

And Saturdays, as always, will be my long runs. I’ll add two miles to the distance each week. Last Saturday was an 8-miler. This Saturday will be 10.

I’m one week in and so far all is well. I’m feeling good about my plan, about being able to adapt and find ways to squeeze miles in with and without kids when I need to, about being able to change things as the weather warms up (or gets colder). And I’m definitely feeling good about having survived snow, cold, and short nights โ€“ all in one week. Nothing boosts confidence like survival.

From here until mid-April, I’ll be keeping you up to speed on how training is going every Tuesday. Keep me accountable.

(Those are my footprints up top. I was running around in circles, in my FiveFingers, on New Years Day.)

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  1. How do you handle soggy Vibrams?


  2. Run faster. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, though, I just wear my socks and avoid the wettest parts. My shoes actually didn’t get wet on the run pictured, not the fabric part anyway. My toes were really cold if I ran in the slushy snow, but not if I stayed in the snow-snow, so that’s what I did. If they do get wet, I put them by the radiator when I get home and hope they’re dry the next day.


  3. Good work and good luck Lizzie! Can’t wait to hear how the training progresses. Thanks for being the push I needed to get out the door and…..walk! (hooray for injuries that take lots of nursing!)


  4. You are so inspirational! I look forward to your progress. I’ll have to tell you what I’m training for next!


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