Figure It Out

“Heiselts figure things out.”

It’s becoming a family motto. If we don’t know how to do something, we figure it out. If I don’t know how to cook something, I read cookbooks until I do. If Micah doesn’t know how he’s going to build something, he studies and plans and thinks until he does. We’ve managed to learn all sorts of things that way, many of them whatnot to do, but we’ve succeeded a fair number of times as well.

So when we asked the boys what kind of gingerbread structure they’d like to build this year* and they said, “The Empire State Building!” Micah and I exchanged looks, took a deep breath, and said, “We’ll figure it out.”

Well, Micah figured it out. I just made sure it was edible. He made sure it was as architecturally accurate as he could make it using the materials at his disposal.

And then we let the boys help make it pretty.


*In previous years we’ve done a brownstone, a caboose, and a rocket.

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  1. Downright incredible.


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