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A bookcase from off the street, a cart some friends were getting rid of, a chair that had been left in an old apartment when we moved in, another that Micah brought home from work and re-upholstered, boxes we Micah built for storage/sitting, a desk from Craigslist.

I sometimes have to laugh at how haphazardly our furniture has come together.

And sometimes I have to fight the urge to toss it all out the window and start over.

The funny thing is how useful it all is. We really use to the sewing table that happened to catch our eye when we weren’t looking for it at all. We’ve made every shelf in the kitchen worth its weight/wall space.

And even though it is all useful and helpful and  . . . maybe not beautiful, but whatever . . . we’re still always questioning whether we really need it. Isn’t there some way we could get rid of the boys’ dresser? (Not without getting another one just like it to put their clothes in.) Do we really need that bookcase? (Yes, unless you have a better method for storing all those books.) 

We’ve been over it all a dozen times, but we’re doing it again. Trying to purge, free up some space. Unburden ourselves. You see, Little Miss is 6 months old and she still sleeps in her Moses basket. Even though she is as long as the basket itself. We’re working on getting her into a crib, but it’s not as easy as it sounds because . . . we’ve got to get Squish out of the crib first.

But in order for him to get out of the crib, he needs a new bed.

And if he gets a new bed, Manchild needs one, too. Not that Manchild wouldn’t love to sleep in a toddler bed well into his teenage years, but . . . actually, he’s been complaining about his bed for a while now. And I don’t blame him.

The boys’ bedroom, however, is roughly the size of a walk-in closet. So if we’re going to fit two new, bigger beds, they need to be bunk beds. The bunk beds, while allowing there to be two beds in a closet-sized room, don’t leave room for much else.

Thus the shifting. Can we move this a few feet farther this way to make room for that? Can we get rid of this all together? Maybe if we toss enough games and clothes and toys there will magically be 50 sq. ft. more of floor space . . . .

Or maybe we’ll find some way to do without some piece of furniture and put it out on the curb for someone else to learn to live with.

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  1. This post is all too familiar! So much of our furniture has been free. I too can relate to the crib conundrum. We just moved a bunch of things around in our 2 bedroom apartment to make room for Baby #3. Our kids are in bunk beds and love them and we have the crib in our bedroom. Now if only I could get my hubby to get rid of at least one of his 5 computers…


  2. I’m sure you’ve probably gone through every possible arrangement, but here are two I’ve heard about recently from small apartment city dwellers here in Cambridge.

    Our 2 bedroom student apts are 750 square feet (which could easily be bigger than yours- no idea), and one of our friends with 3 kids just put the two older boys’ bunk beds in their room (with a curtain divider) and all their dressers and toys and the baby’s crib in the other room. They’re not loving it, but it’s better than it used to be.

    Also, another friend in a tiny apt switched rooms with their son. They pretty much just have their queen size bed in his (old) room and they left everything else from their room in his (new) room.
    Good luck figuring it out! Would L shaped bunks help at all? I’ve also seen L bunks where the lower one is just barely lower than the higher one so there’s quite a bit of storage space underneath the lower and room for a desk or dresser or bookshelf under the tall one (since they’re L shaped)


    lizzie Reply:

    I think we may have to try one of those arrangements before too long . . . although who knows how long we’ll be here? I think we could arrange things so we could accommodate a 4th child, but I think Micah has plans to get out of here before then.


  3. Looks like the bunk beds are well underway and all are involved! Great work, Manchild! Anxious to see the final product — and arrangement!


  4. One other thought… our kids’ bunk beds are high enough off the ground that we have 6 plastic IKEA bins (the ones from the TROFAST system) to organize all of their clothes instead of a dresser. That might free up some space if you don’t already have toys, etc. stored under there. I’m excited to see how your bunk beds turn out!


    lizzie Reply:

    We do have some storage under the bed, although I think we could probably use that space a little better. Thanks for the reminder!


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