Some Very Important Questions

It may be silly, I know, but I wonder: am I going to regret that I didn’t wear mascara when I was young and had eyelashes?

Or that I didn’t have long luscious locks cascading down my back?

Will I wish I had worn real clothes, instead of t-shirts and jeans?

Do I really want to be the mom that doesn’t bother with make-up, chops her hair short because she can’t deal, and has no nice clothes because, well, all her nice clothes got spit-up and diaper cream on them?

Isn’t it part of the super-mom’s prerogative to wear the latest styles and have great hair even if all she’s doing is shuffling around the house all day?

But then again: what if it is the long, curly hair makes you look unkempt? Huh? What then?

I guess you decide that life is too short to have long hair. And you chop it off. 

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  1. super hot


  2. Cute! I wonder the same thing about the no makeup and tshirts and jeans. Will I wish I would’ve taken advantage of my “young-ness” and “in-shape-ness” to look more put together? I suppose I’ll have the answer in 20 years. 🙂


  3. More questions: how do you want your children to remember their childhood? Full of fun times with Mom, trips to museums, parks, grocery stores, bike rides? Or waiting for Mom to get ready, or hearing Mom complain about them “ruining” her nice clothes. I imagine you have other occasions for which you can be more focused on your appearance, play with styles and hair and makeup. I say, as long as you don’t go out with curlers in your hair, embrace the t-shirts and jeans for everyday wear!


  4. I LOVE it!!


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