Small Motivators

It’s just little things lately that make me happy I made the effort to bundle up for a run.

Little things, like seeing Squish come running to open the door for me when I buzz to be let in.

Or hearing Kara Goucher congratulate me on running more miles this week than I ran last week – which, to be honest, isn’t much of an accomplishment, but it’s motivation and I’ll take it.

I like looking for something to take a picture of while I’m out. Something, like these tree roots.

And having Shalane Flanagan congratulate me on my fastest 5K yet. (Nike knew what they were doing when they programmed their Nike+ App.)

Yeah. When you’re only able to run a little bit, it only takes a little thing to make you feel like a superstar.

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  1. I NEED to charge my iPod. Really love Nike+.


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