Road Trippin’

At 3:02 this morning we were all buckled into our seats with the keys in the ignition.
We exchanged holiday greetings with the Holland Tunnel at 3:36.
Once we hit the open road, the boys, who were supposed to be sleeping, looked for stars out the window and wondered how we could get to Ohio from New Jersey.
By 4:15 they had quieted down, but their eyes were still wide and looking out the windows into the darkness. Yawns, but no sleeping.
We met Orion the Hunter at 4:23 and celebrated our third state of the day before 5:00am as we crossed into Pennsylvania.
In an effort to stay awake, we turned on a podcast. It was the wrong one. Manchild had issues with listening to what happened to people when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. We changed to one about space and had no complaints.
I got sleepy at the wheel. We pulled over, fed Little Miss and changed out of pjs just after 8:00.
We were in Ohio by 10:30. Squish’s question:”Where is Ohio? I don’t see it.” Look out the window, Bud. It’s all over the place.
It was raining by noon. Like it always does on road trips. We stopped at Grandpa’s Cheesebarn for lunch and did not regret it for a second. It looked exactly like my grandpa’s house inside. We felt right at home.
Micah took a trip to his past as we made our way by where his grandparents used to live, the condos his mom and grandma owned, the nursing home his grandma stayed at. The boys slept – their only nap – for less than an hour.
At 3:08pm, 12 hours after we started, we pulled into the driveway.
Home for the holidays.
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  1. Grandpa’s cheese barn!!!!

    I miss Ohio! Give it a kiss for me


  2. Have fun in the old stomping grounds. We’re heading to NYC. Ha!


  3. So for you city dwellers, do car rental companies also rent carseats? Do hospitals forgo the rule of requiring a carseat to take home a new baby? But by the way, it’s great that your boys get to experience road trips, and snowmen!


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