The physical education portion of our homeschool is one of our most consistent classes. Riding bikes around the block 4 times in row counts as phys ed, right? It’s perfect because the boys blow off energy, and all I have to do is tell them how far ahead of me they can ride. To the corner. To the blue bins. To the wooden box. To our building. And around again.

The people in the bakery probably laugh to see us going by yet again, and the neighbors in general are getting the hang of our routine and don’t worry so much about the two little boys on bikes speeding toward the corner when they realize that the boys have been trained to stop and wait for me before they turn, so I can always see them.

But the boys are young. They crave adventure, a challenge, something new. Riding around in circles is fun, but it’s hardly “physical education” if they can do it in their sleep. So today, we practiced. We practiced standing while riding, with some success. We practiced turning in a tight circle. And we practiced going as fast as we could and then coasting to a stop. And when I say “we” I mean that Manchild did it. Squish tried to get in on the action too, but it’s hard to stand on the pedals when you don’t have pedals. And I don’t have a bike, so I’m totally out of it, although it could be argued that my tight circle was even tighter than Manchild’s.

I wished, for a moment, that the boy could have been as excited about practicing his handwriting yesterday as he was about practicing his bike riding today, but you know what? Riding a bike is more fun than holding a pencil. And they’re both good skills to have.

Besides, practice is practice. It’s work to master a skill, no matter what skill you have to master. Might as well be something fun, something that takes you out in the sun. Especially on a beautiful December day like today. 

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