A Pound of Butter, a Pile of Sugar

We’ve been slogging toward the finish line of this week since Monday. (Sometimes you have to pay for keeping the kids out until 10:00pm.) But we woke up this morning and it was Friday. Better yet, it was Friday and Micah had the day off. We were so happy to have made it to the weekend that we stayed in bed until 9:00. (The boys joined us for a while, but gave up when we told them to please wrestle somewhere else.) And then, after we finally rolled out of bed and had breakfast, we really celebrated by making sugar cookies and suspending all the rules. (You know it’s going to be a good day when you’ve gone through a pound of butter and it’s not even 11:00.)

Oh, you’d like more frosting on that? Sure!

You need that other bowl of candy? Here you go!

Gosh, that looks tasty. Would you like another?

Of course you can eat it now! What, you thought you had to wait until after dinner? Pshaw! 

I love the way you’ve used all of the space on the cookie. It really is amazing that none of the candy is falling off! You must have worked hard to balance it all on there. 

And, of course: Yes please. I would definitely like another cookie. What number is this? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I just finished a marathon and I can do anything.

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