Our hopes were resting on Manchild and his bike.

With three kids and only two seats in the jogger, our weekend habit of a family run down to the park for a lap or two around the loop or some ultimate Frisbee could have been history – unless Manchild could ride there.

Last spring he and I practiced a little bit. Could he keep up with me while I ran? Hmmm . . . a bit. He was shaky on the hills and sketchy with the breaks. It seemed like it might work. Maybe.

But that was more than six months ago and he and his bike have become great friends since then. Practically besties, really. Manchild jumps at the chance to ride whenever he can, and the bike rarely bucks him off. They take care of each other.

On Friday morning we had an engagement in the park. It was our first chance to see if Manchild could keep up with us and the jogger. We buckled Squish and Little Miss in and put Manchild on his bike. Then we crossed our fingers and started down the sidewalk.

There was some slow-going, lots of coaching, and a little apologizing to fellow pedestrians. Manchild rode as fast as he could, then got tired and needed a “turbo boost.” We hardly broke any records, but we made it. All together. A promising endeavor.

So the habit will not be broken. Family runs will not be history. Our hopes are safe in the hands of Manchild, and his bike.

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