The Race (to help out) Is On

UPDATE: The marathon has been cancelled. So we will not be cheering runners along 4th Ave. or Lafayette this year, as we have before. Best wishes to all who are helping with recovery efforts, and condolences to those who have been training for this race for so long!

Despite everything (namely Hurricane Sandy), the New York City Marathon will still be happening on Sunday. Some people are happy about it, some are not. I don’t think there is ever a perfect way to handle these situations. Running the race looks, to some people, insensitive to those around the city who are suffering. Not running the race looks, to some people, like a missed opportunity to improve morale and celebrate all that is great about the city.

In response to the situation, New York Road Runners has shifted the focus of the marathon into a race to recover. In addition to contributing $26.20 for each of the runners in the race, NYRR is encouraging friends and families (and anyone!) to donate $26.20 to recovery efforts as well. Go here to donate to various recovery organizations.

We’ll be doing what we can this weekend to help clean up the areas that were damaged and the people who were most effected by the storm. And on Sunday we’ll be cheering for those who have spent the past several months training for the race and for those who are working hard to help those whose lives have been turned upside-down by the storm.

If you’re able to cheer people on for this – or any – race, here are some tips to help you have a great experience. 

If you’re in need of a laugh, here’s something fun about the glory of race photos. I’m sure I could write my own essay about such things.  And maybe I will, someday. 

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  1. That article about race photos is great!
    I’m lucky the main race I was photographed in was a 5k in the winter. So, not a lot of me was visible. 😀


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