The Pursuit

Every night after we get the boys in bed, Micah and I sit down at our respective computers and pursue our goals.

I write and edit photos, sometimes while simultaneously nursing the Little Miss or putting her to sleep. On occasion, I’ll work on a sewing project or some other household chore.

Micah battles with programming and designing, sometimes working on his own projects and sometimes on someone else’s.

While we work we chat on the computer or talk from room to room. When either of us needs a break, we’ll pour some juice or scoop   some ice cream or toast some bread to share. Then we’ll update each other on the progress, swap and critique ideas, or share something completely unrelated, giving our brains a break.

And then we’ll sit and work until we’re done. Or until 11:00. Or until we realize we’re too tired to make any more progress without any more sleep.

It’s not always the most relaxing way to spend our time “off.” It’s not always as productive as we would hope it would be. It’s not something we can see the fruits of right away.

We slog through anyway, hopeful that someday soon we won’t have to slog. Because we’ll have picked up some momentum, we’ll have had some successes, we’ll have earned some more free time.

Or maybe because we’ve given up. Gotten tired. Switched directions.

But right now, despite the slog, it feels good to be trying. Working. Pursuing.

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  1. That is so how it goes at my house!!!!


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