One of these things is not like the others. Can you guess which one?:

Hurricane cleanup

Cancelled marathon

End of Daylight Saving Time

Election Day

A nor’easterĀ 

First, let’s start with what they have in common. They all happened in the last week. They all happened in NYC (as well as other places, of course). They all could be seen as a unpleasant events.

So which one is the odd man out?

If you guessed “End of Daylight Saving Time,” you get a gold star. This is the only event I was actually looking forward to. (I suppose it could be argued that Election Day was something to look forward to if only so everyone would just calm down and be civil for a couple of years.)

But back to the End of Daylight Saving Time: this is usually not my favorite event of early November. It means it’s dark when Squish wakes up from his nap. It means we feel even more tied to the apartment. It means cold is coming (or, possibly, already here).

It also means that dawn comes earlier. Which, this year, is kind of important to me. It means I have more time to run in the morning since I try not to run in the dark.

On Monday I woke up early so I could run before Micah went to work. I did a quick 4+ miles and was home right when Micah needed to leave. It wasn’t my best run, it wasn’t totally liberating, it was merely an experiment to see if I could still do it (it’s been so long!), and it was successful. It happened. And it gives me hope for later in the winter when I need to start training for Boston.

So chalk one up for no more Daylight Saving. It’s not all cold and dark. Not this year, anyway.

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