Let’s Roll

“Does she get tummy time today?”

“Can we put her on her tummy now?”

“Well, she’s crying because she’s on her tummy . . . . Yeah, I kind of turned her over. I just want to her to be able to roll over.”


With Manchild, I sat and waited for the water to boil. I didn’t want to miss his first roll – or for it to come a moment later than his potential allowed. I would put him on his tummy, roll him over so he’d get the feel of it, encourage him until he could do it himself. Like any other Type A parent.

I’d love to do the same with Little Miss, but I don’t have to: I have two little munchkins to do it for me.

These boys are excited to watch their sister grow up. And I did not see that coming – even though every few days we go over the averages: babies usually roll over at 3 months, start eating by 6 months, could be crawling by 8 months.

Well, Little Miss celebrated her 3 month-day yesterday. This fact was not lost on her brothers. She is now 3 months and 1 day old. And the boys have been waiting.

It’s time. Let’s roll.

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  1. oh, she’s gorgeous! and wyatt is the exact same, he’s dying for june to roll. she’s done it a few times nut nothing consistent. as if she does it a few times in a row and then forgets for awhile. he keeps saying how she’s going to grow up and “be a talking girl.”


  2. She’s just not rolling yet because everyone wants it so bad. She’s asserting her independence at a young age. 🙂


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