In Which We Meet Someone Famous

It’s October and so I am very proud of myself for thinking about Christmas already. And even more proud for having already purchased a Christmas gift and started lists for those who are getting a gift/gifts from us this year.

But that is beside the point because what I actually wanted to tell you is that the gift we purchased (for Little Miss) is a book. Signed by the author. And the author is Julie Andrews! And we got to meet her and watch her sign it and tell her our children’s names, which, by the way, she said were lovely.

Aside from asking our children’s names, and even repeating them to be sure she had them right, she told Manchild that one day he would, she hoped, get much enjoyment out of the poems in the book. I assured her that he is already quite interested in poetry (most notably Shel Silverstein’s), and then we awkwardly backed away so as not to overstay our welcome.

I tried not to stumble over myself too much trying to be as gracious as she was for the twenty seconds we were in her presence, but I might have failed. I’m sure she didn’t notice. After all, we were just one of hundreds of families who stood in line (in the rain) for an hour so we could get glimpse of Mary Poppins/Maria Von Trapp.

Totally worth it.

(Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures and she did not personalize the signed book . . . . Still, totally worth it.)

Okay, your turn . . . please tell me any celebrity sightings/meetings you’ve had. They always make such good stories.

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  1. On Monday I went with Bente and kids to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, and seeing a display of Bob Hope entertaining the troops reminded me of an experience. Years ago, while our children were in school, a number of us were invited to a friend’s home for lunch and to watch the celebrities play at the Muirfield Golf Tournament (which was in her backyard). While there someone came to Hilde’s back door, knocked and asked if Bob Hope could please use her bathroom. Hilde was ecstatic and we were all thrilled to shake his hand as he left. He was warm and delightful. What a treat to meet someone like that and not be disappointed in what you feel!


    lizzie Reply:

    That’s awesome! I bet not many people can say that they hosted Bob Hope, if only for a few minutes. 🙂


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