Halloween in Brooklyn, 2012

You might think that having a major hurricane blow through here a few days ago would alter our plans for Halloween night, but I believe parents of young children who have been cooped up because of a storm need Halloween more than anyone. Plus, with the trains still down and nowhere to go, the best thing to do with your time is walk around telling people how awesome they look and sharing candy with them. Right?

So that’s what we did. With our fruit bats.

And a little morsel of fruit, too.

We knew that there would be people sitting out on their stoops with bowls of candy. And we knew they would be terribly lonely and disappointed if they didn’t get to put it in bags held by small children who needed to be reminded to say “Trick-or-treat!” and “Thank you!” at every stoop. We did our best to help them out.

Every now and then we’d notice that a street that was blocked off because there was a tree lying down in the middle of it, or come across some men with chain saws dismembering one of the fallen giants, but all in all, there was very little to remind us of Scary Sandy.

And thus it was that we were able to help each other out. People shared candy and admired costumes, we got out of our apartments, and everyone got a break from the all-consuming storm. Total win.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Awesome costumes, again!


  2. I love the costumes. I’m not even going to show Matthew because he will request for me to make him one exactly like it.

    I’m glad no harm came to you from the storm! It was strange being far away from it but still feeling so connected to the place and people.


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