Walking vs. Running

I walk a lot these days. To the playground. The grocery store. The library. Wherever. I’m usually wearing the baby. Sometimes I’m pushing the stroller. Often I’m wearing a bag as well. I’m sure it’s great exercise for me, which is awesome because I’m not running much.

I’m happy these days if I can get one run in a week. I’ve had some really good runs, and some where I felt like I might throw up the entire time. My abs still feel weak. I’m pretty much always tired, so I’m slow and sluggish.

But still, running does something for me. It opens my mind. It challenges me. It makes me forget that I’m tired. I feel refreshed, accomplished, strong afterward.

I mention this because tomorrow I can sign up for the Boston Marathon. I’ve been thinking about passing on it this time around because I don’t really know what it’s going to be like trying to train with three kids, in the winter, when I’ve yet to get back into the groove post-baby.

But then I realized that is exactly why I should sign up. I need the motivation to get out there. I need a goal to work toward. I need a reason to make time for myself.

Walking is good for me, gets me around, and leaves my body sore in a good, strong way. Running does all of those things, but it also makes me happy. And that’s pretty important. So I’d better give myself a reason to run.

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  1. Oooh, fun! I really want to run Boston again someday. I need to own miles 21-26 more than I did last time. You will love it! Good luck training. I’m feeling some of the same things with the change to two kids. I keep feeling like I should be back feeling normal because it’s been forever since I had her, but then I realize it hasn’t even been three weeks. Oh, right. My abs are sore still for a reason. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I hope you get to run Boston again someday, too! Maybe we should plan to do it together when we’re 50 or so and our kids are all old enough that we don’t need to push them in a stroller. 🙂


  2. Amen! That’s a goal I can get behind!


    lizzie Reply:

    Let’s hope I can find a way to run during the week! I’m starting to be nervous that I won’t be able to train now that Micah works during the day and the baby needs me in the mornings right when I should be heading out for a run.


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