First, Second, Third

With the first, I worried so much that my baby would not be okay if I left him for a few hours. With the second, I rushed to get back home to him. With the third, I wish I could be with my baby, but I worry more for the sitter.

With the first, I was shocked to find out how quickly the newborn phase went by. With the second I tried to savor every second of it. With the third, I enjoy her the way she is, but look forward to the phases that lie ahead.

With the first I was incredulous at how frequently the baby woke me to eat and fought it as hard as I could – which meant lots of tossing and turning and finally giving in. With the second, I dragged my feet out of bed to nurse. With the third, I hop out as quick as I can. The sooner she eats, the sooner I can get back to sleep. (It helps that she’s been a great sleeper.)

With the first I forgot to change his diaper for hours at a time. With the second I was slightly more vigilant. With the third I say it’s best to learn efficiency at a young age.

With the first any crying fit longer than a few minutes left me anxious and distracted. With the second, I tried, at the very least, to not add to the crying and screaming, no matter how much I wanted to. (I was not always successful.) With the third, I don’t have the energy to do anything but keep things from escalating. “Keep calm and carry on” has truly become my motto.

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  1. Good perspective. I’m on the second one and might say some of the same things. 🙂


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