Ever been to a double wedding? I have! And I’m not talking about my brother and sister that got married within two weeks (and one day) of each other. Nope. My brother and his bride tied the knot on the same day as her┬ábrother and his bride.

So cool, right?

Two brides.

Two grooms.

Three families to celebrate with.

And as luck would have it, some of my new pseudo-family (my brother’s in-laws are my family, too, right?) are practically my neighbors. If living in neighboring boroughs makes us neighbors, that is. Which is great because I think they are all wonderful people whom I would love to have over for pie and ice cream any day of the week.

It was a fabulous idea. If I could have shared my wedding day with one of my sisters, or even a sister-in-law, I think it would have been doubly special.

Maybe the two little ladies pictured here would be willing/able to replicate the experience? I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up . . . .

So, weddings. I’ve been to four this year. Four, just for my brothers and sisters. That’s a lot of wedding cake. A lot of black dresses with coordinating sashes for me and my sisters. A lot of me flying from here to there and from there to here.* A lot of a pictures to smile for. A lot of, “Now what time does the reception start again?” A lot of sitting at tables chatting with old neighbors, cousins, siblings, friends, and being very glad to not have to stand in a reception line.

But now it is over. At least for a little while. I still have four more single siblings, but there are no weddings in the works. I’m really glad I was able to go to all of them, especially since I was in growing/birthing a child in the midst of the wedding season. It was nice of my siblings to work around my child-bearing schedule. And I’m glad I could work around their schedule as well. We’re accommodating that way.

Do you have any favorite wedding day memories? From your wedding or someone else’s? Mine is a toss-up between me putting Micah’s contacts in my eyes as we were getting ready for our reception, or me putting my brother’s contacts in my eyes before my sister’s wedding in January. Yeah . . . wedding tradition?

*Although I am grateful to JetBlue for their cheap, direct flights from here to Salt Lake and back, I wouldn’t mind if they decided to add one that didn’t get me where I’m going right when I should be going to sleep. Or waking up.

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