They are pretty green spots, with an intriguing texture and curious design – until you realize they are smashed peas.

The leftovers, clean and clear in their Snapware homes, are stacked in the fridge in a way that is almost reminiscent of some of the newer high rises sprouting up along the Hudson.

A light dusting of flour has snowed onto the countertop, sprinkling the cutting board with a pattern that many a homemaker would not hesitate to incorporate into the design of her living room.

But let’s be real here. No amount of “pretty” is going to make it okay for there to be smashed peas on the floor. A fridge stacked full of leftovers is still a pain to sort through even if you can imagine you’re living in one of those Hudson highrises as your doing it. And a light dusting of flour, as soft and gentle as snow, is also, not to put too fine a point on it, a tasty meal for roaches.

Still, I’m grateful for my well-used kitchen. So what if I have to empty and re-fill the dish drainer three times a day? So what if I have to include the window sill and the top of the fridge as part of my “counter space”? So what if I sometimes roll out the kitchen cart to find bits of chopped onion or carrot that have been desiccating for days?

It’s a place of warmth (and sometimes often sweat-inducing heat). A place of artistry (the best artists go unappreciated in their day, right?). A place of love. Messy, messy love – the best kind of mess: buttery, sugar-dusted, fresh-from-the-oven messy love.

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