When your two-year-old comes into your bedroom at 6:30am with a half-eaten cupcake leftover from the night before and asks if he can eat the rest of it, the answer is “Yes.”

When you barely get on the train before a fight breaks out and tears are shed, the proper response is, “Do we need to turn around and go home or are you going to apologize?”

When the baby is crying for her 4th meal in 4 hours, the thing to do is embrace it with an emphatic, “Mooo!” before settling down on the couch with the squirmy babe and a good book.

When you’ve spent the entire day nervously waiting for your un-diapered toddler to cave and use the potty and he finally does, feel free to congratulate yourself as much as you congratulate him.

And when the kids are finally asleep, the smart thing would be to get some sleep yourself.

But, obviously, you are not smart. So you’ll probably stay up late, read a book, eat some cake, and wake up tired.

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