You were right. You were all right. Flying with a newborn was a breeze. She slept the whole time. No need to bounce her. No need to pace the aisles. I did poke her a couple of times just to be sure she was still breathing. But she didn’t make a peep on the flight. Thank heavens. And thanks for all of your well-wishes and words of wisdom.

Unfortunately, my flight was delayed 2 hours, so we didn’t get to my parents’ house and settled until 3:30. And by that time, baby girl was ready to eat for the rest of the night, which meant not so much sleeping for me.

The lack of sleep has made for some pretty awesome moments today while I’ve been hanging out with my sister. If anyone could follow the train of our conversation, they deserve a prize, because we were all over the place.

“Oh, we’ll get back to that in just a sec, but let me tell you about thiswhile I’m thinking about it . . . .” followed by, “What were we talking about before?”

“I know, I know! It’s so crazy! [tone change] Oh, honey, no need to cry, we’re almost there and then I can feed you! [tone change again] But, honestly, can you believe that?”

“Man! There was something that I was going to tell you, and I remembered it a minute ago, but then I forgot it agin. I’m sure it will come to me eventually.”

You’ve been there: Realizing 5 hours later you never actually got to the point of that really important story . . . . Changing tones mid-sentence to let the child know you hear their cries. . . . Losing your train of thought half way through a sentence. . . . Speaking very slowly because your thoughts can’t quite keep up with the speed of conversation . . . .

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