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Walking through my college bookstore last week with my brother was a bit of a revelation. We passed shelves lined with books about sports nutrition and business development and I wished that I’d had more time, that I’d been able to double major and triple minor or something.

There’s just so much that interests me, so many things I want to know about – things that I could not fathom being so interested in as an 18-year-old.

I don’t regret majoring in American Studies, nor getting a masters in Journalism. I loved them both. But 4 years is such a short time for all that knowledge out there.

Thank goodness that the end of school does not mean the end of learning. I may not earn any more degrees, but I can still pursue knowledge in any field to whatever depth and breadth serves my purposes.

What would you like to study, given the time and resources? These days, I think I’d delve into exercise science . . . .

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  1. Yes! So very true. I am pretty sure I didn’t really WANT to study anything while I was in college so I am relieved that I happened to pick English. Whew. There’s so much I want to know now. Does this make us old now that we can reflect that youth might really be wasted on the young? 🙂


    lizzie Reply:


    I think I will continue to think of myself as young for the rest of my life, though, simply because I was barely out of my teenage years when I got married. I can ride that for decades, can’t I?


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