I’ve been thinking about what the baby’s blog name should be for a while now – since before she was born. But I can’t settle. What if it totally doesn’t fit her in a couple of months? Manchild is definitely Manchild. Squish is totally Squish. But what if I called her  . . . Muffy and she was not that kind of girl?

I thought about a bird name for her . . . Wren? Lark? Birdie? Birda? Or something else entirely. Like Kitty.

Every week she grows a little and changes a little, but so far she mostly seems like she’s a very serious, skeptical, possibly high-strung type of girl. But that’s only because she doesn’t smile or laugh yet. And when she does start to do that, she’ll be a totally new person to me. I’m sure of that. So maybe I’ll wait until then to make a final decision.

But until then, I’m open to any thoughts or suggestions on the topic.

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