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Well, friends, it’s been more than two weeks since the babe and I flew to Utah. My baby sister got married. My baby brother started college. Both my parents celebrated another year of their lives. My big sister got a dream house. And my big brother gets married tomorrow. It’s been a life-changing couple of weeks and I wouldn’t have missed it.

But I do miss Micah and my boys. And I’m excited for my plane to take off on Sunday night and to wake up (if I ever fall asleep) on Monday morning in New York City.

I’m grateful its a long weekend. I’m hoping we can go to the park for a picnic on Monday afternoon. So I’ll see you on Tuesday. Until then, here are some things you won’t want to miss:

We haven’t made s’mores yet this summer, but I’m thinking that this would be a good way to rectify the situation, and then some. Probably with Nutella “sauce.”

I love Valerie’s thoughts on seasons. Late summer is indeed its own magical time.

Mara shared this short film and Micah and I have been validating each via Skype chat for the past few days. He really is an amazing man. He works so hard to support our family, and I appreciate that. Plus he has such a winning smile. Especially when he squinches his eyes.

Do you feel that exercise is a punishment for a bad number on the scale? Or a means of living life more fully?

What would it be like to give a child a new heart?

These illustrations are breathtaking. I don’t just want to look at them. I want to be in them.

You know, you people really are the best audience. I appreciate all your comments, all your Facebook likes, all your insights. And you have such beautiful smiles. Did anyone ever tell you that? It’s true. Your smiles make the world a brighter place.


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  1. Exercise = living more fully! Definitely! Living with a feeling of virtue and good stewardship over my body.


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