I started the week determined to be back to normal. I ended the week taking a 2 1/2 hour nap this morning. I’ve nearly given up on the cleaning/organization that I’ve been planning to do until the baby is old enough to feed herself. And I’m reminding myself that even though it feels like it was ages ago that I had the baby, it actually hasn’t even been three weeks yet.

So. Normal. What does that even mean these days? How would I even know if I made it there? What is normal with three kids? What is normal when your oldest child starts school in less than a month? How would I recognize normalcy when I’m stumbling, bleary-eyed, through half the day?

I suppose when the baby can spare me for a 6-mile run I’ll be on my way there. When she isn’t draped over my shoulder in a sling like a purse whenever I go out (or even when I’m just making dinner). When Squish is fully toilet-trained. When we have dropping off and picking up Manchild from school solidly in our schedule.

Which is to say: it could be a while.

But that’s okay.

Normal is totally overrated.

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  1. amen.


    lizzie Reply:

    Hope you are figuring out your new normal . . . and that you’re getting some more sleep these days.


  2. I suppose this is your “new normal” for now? Hang in there and enjoy 🙂 Lucky for me, our third sleeps better than the first two, and even better than me! And that’s a good thing because she’s 8 weeks old and we’re packing up to move across the country. Crazy times! But good times! I hope, for your sanity, you can get in a good run here and there – soonish 🙂 I finally feel like swimming and running again, and here I’ve been too busy running around like crazy getting ready to move. Sigh. In 3 weeks we will be living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids, and at least we’ll have a pool out our front doorway 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    It sounds like you got the perfect baby for the perfect time. I hope your move goes well! We moved across country when Manchild was 8 weeks, too, and it was definitely an experience to remember. But at least you are feeling more like yourself and it sounds like you have the energy to get through it gracefully. Good luck!


  3. Cagesjamtoo (aka Sam)

    August 12th, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    I was thinking about this the other day. I concluded that there in no one size fits all “normal.” This may seem obvious when you look at it, but we tend to compare ourselves to what we perceive that “normal” people are doing.

    You can only live each day where you are. Decide what is important to you and make it a priority. Make what you are doing your normal and embrace it, because tomorrow’s normal may look a bit different.


    lizzie Reply:

    You are so right. I know that having three kids will never be the same as having two, and while eventually I will get to the point where I feel more comfortable with it, I can’t just keep waiting for that time. “Normal” these days is that we’re often flying by the seat of our pants. And that is okay.


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