Last Man Standing

Nate is the baby of the family, the twelfth of twelve. He’s almost exactly 10 years younger than me and for years I thought of him as my birthday present, my baby. But now he is all grown up and going to college at Brigham Young University – just like every single one of his brothers and sisters before him. Seriously, we have all gone to BYU. And so far, all have graduated from there as well (he and Jess are the last of the bunch). Today was his first day of class, but last week my sister and I (and our daughters) had the privilege of helping him move into his apartment.

We could hardly contain our enthusiasm for being entrusted with the task of accompanying Nate during his first day as a BYU student.

In fact, we were so excited that we both dressed our girls in their BYU best. (She may not look excited, but trust me, she had a great time.)

My little niece tried to give Nate the tour of campus, but she didn’t really know where she was going. Meanwhile, Nate kept getting calls from his other siblings asking how things were going. I think we were all pretty excited for him.

Nate seemed a little skeptical when we told him the secret of the library (the glass building in the background). The secret is this: If you want a date, go to the periodicals section. If you want to study, go anywhere else.

After we showed him campus, we treated him to a salad wrap from L&T Produce – where I had my Friday afternoon I-made-it-through-another-week celebratory meal for a while.

And then we took him to the copy center where 7 of us have worked – including Nate. Today was his first day on the job!

By that point, we’d stalled long enough – it was time to drop the boy off at his dorm room in his fancy-shmancy brand-spanking new building.

He declared the mattress to be “awesome” (probably because nobody else has slept in it).

His roommates were kind enough to take a picture of the move-in crew before we left him to be a real grown up college boy.

He waved goodbye from his living room window . . .

but we missed him, so we lured him back out of his room with the promise of a special treat: a bowl of blue and white ice cream from the BYU creamery. I can’t think of a better way to start college life.

Good luck, Nate!

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  1. That brought back some memories! Holy smoke. I’m amazed and impressed that all 12 of you have been Cougars! And, can I just say that there were NO brand spanking new dorms when i went to BYU…those look way too nice. Is that the new DT?


    lizzie Reply:

    Those buildings are where DT used to be, but they’re calling them the new Heritage. They have kitchens and such just like real apartments.

    I can hardly believe we all went to BYU, either. I don’t know where else we would have gone, but it seems like too many people to have all been accepted and chosen the same thing. Not a rebel among us.


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