“I love you, Baby.”

“Can I hold her?” Squish asks.

Manchild suddenly loses interest in the book he was reading: “No, I want to hold her!”

“I want to hold her first,” Squish says.

“My hands are clean. You need to go wash yours.” Manchild edges his way onto the couch while Squish wipes his hands on his shirt, then drags a chair to the bathroom so he can wash them properly.

Manchild cradles her in his arms, makes sure he’s supporting her head, and “rocks” her back and forth, back and forth with an intensity that says he’s going to get her to sleep in record time – if faster rocking means faster sleeping.

“My turn!” Squish declares as he comes out of the bathroom, hands still wet. And with that, Manchild loses interest in his sister as quickly as he lost interest in his book. He practically throws her at me as he jumps off the couch.

Squish climbs up next to me and grabs his sister before he is settled into his seat. I hover. I move his arm under her head. “Oh, oh! Careful!” I say more than once as he wiggles and squirms and settles in, unaware of how his movements move her.

Her face squinches and puckers. Her mouth opens wide and round, but no sound comes out. “Hi Baby. I’m your brother. I love you, Baby.” He “rocks” her. He kisses her. He wraps his arms around her tighter. “I love you, Baby,” he says again. I relax a little bit.

It’s a little rocky and a little rough. But I think we’re going to be just fine.

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  1. oh yes, i learned, luckily or unluckily, on a friends baby that wyatt needed to learn to say “i’m done holding the baby” when he was done. More than a few times he sorta would shove the baby at whoever was closest. still working on getting him to be aware of her head. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I think I took it for granted that the boys would know how to be gentle with her and that she needs to be handed gently from one person to the next . . . I will never assume such things again.


  2. OH how cute is that!?! What a lucky little girl to have such wonderful big brothers!


    lizzie Reply:

    She is . . . and they are missing her so much while we are in Utah.


  3. That is just about the cutest thing ever.


    lizzie Reply:

    It is, isn’t it? I’m excited that you’ll get to experience it soon, too!


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