I Called It

If she’s a very concerned, serious, high-strung person, I called it. It’s written all over her face all the time.

If she has a hard time sitting down to eat a full meal, well, I called that too. Because I’m the one that has to sit down with her every 45 minutes to finish what she started but lost interest in.

If she loves being outside, but doesn’t make a big deal out of it, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

If we find her wrapped in her blankets like a mummy because she hates to be cold, we can say that she’s always been that way. And also that she takes after her dad.

If she’s the kind that gets really cranky when she’s hungry, then welcome to the family, Little Girl. We’ll try to keep you well-fed.

But if none of those things come to pass, then it will be par for the course. I had Manchild pegged as the athletic type when he was a month old because he was so strong. I had Squish as a scrawny little nerd because he was scrawnier than his brother. They have both defied my predictions – so far.

I applaud you mothers who can pick out your child’s personality traits when they are babies, who can say, “Even from the time he was born I knew he was going to be _________.” Because I sure can’t. But I sure do like to watch them develop. And I’ve really enjoyed watching all my expectations be blown out of the water.

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  1. so interesting. the only little omen i’ve noticed is how both my kids have slept in the first day or so. wyatt NEVER had that i-was-just-born-and-now-need-to-sleep-forever thing. he was up every hour or so from the beginning, and didn’t sleep great at night for awhile, ie, i really had to work at getting him to be a good sleeper. which is he now! and june slept from like, 4 am – 10 am. and then slept for 3 and 4 hours at a time and has been a great night sleeper, only waking up twice and now sometimes only once.

    if i were to guess though at personality, this girl will be calm and quiet. and now that i said that, she’ll probably be a terror. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I feel the same way. People ask me what she’s like, and the minute I say, “She’s a great sleeper” she starts taking 10 minute naps instead of hour long ones like she used to . . .


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