Getting Back into Running After Pregnancy

Three runs in three weeks. None of them more than three miles or thirty minutes. It is easy for me to look at those numbers and feel a tiny bit discouraged. Perhaps I expected to jump right back in where I left off (my last run before the baby was born was a 4-miler). Perhaps I thought that now that I’m not carrying around all that extra weight, I could go farther or faster. Perhaps . . . I was wrong.

Which is fine. I needed to be reminded of what running after pregnancy is like, and that my body will, eventually, not only be able to do what it once was, but possibly be able to run faster and farther.

Remember what it was like with Manchild? No? I will tell you: for the first year of his life, I was lucky to be able to run more than once a week. Some weeks I didn’t get out at all. But then we got a jogging stroller, we started training for the Hamptons Marathon, and when we ran it in September (when Manchild was 17 months old), we ran a personal best.

So it came back, and then some.

And remember what it was like after Squish? No? I will tell you: I didn’t get out more than once a week until he was 4 months old. I started training for the New York Ragnar Relay, then the Dash for Donation Half Marathon in Ohio, and discovered I could run sub-8:00 miles.

So it came back, and then some.

And now we have a new baby and my body and my time are, once again, in flux. I’m slow. I feel floppy. I can only sneak in short runs between feedings/during naps. But I still have 8 months before Boston Marathon 2013, and if history repeats itself, I’ll be able to get it all back, and then  some.

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  1. If you feel like running a 12-15 min mile or two next week give me a call! No pressure… I’m not sure I could run a mile at this elevation without stopping 😉 Enjoy your family and weddings!


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, are you in Utah? I’ve been staying at my sister’s in Layton this time. Hope you’re having a great time!


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