Brides and Dolls

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lizzie, who, as a true child of the 80s, named all her dolls Jessica. She wanted to name her own child Jessica, she longed for a sister named Jessica, she really just loved the name Jessica. And then her parents had a baby whom they named Jessica! Lizzie’s wildest dreams had come true. Jessica was the perfect little doll and so much fun to dress up!

Unfortunately, at some point she began to assert her own personhood and Lizzie could no longer dress her up and drag her around like her other dolls. But Jessica would always be a little baby doll to Lizzie, especially since Jessica was still a preteen when Lizzie grew up and moved away.

Lizzie’s life went on. She got married, moved to one side of the country, then to the other side of the country. She had a baby and then another baby. And while her life was changing so drastically, she forgot to notice that little baby Jessica was growing up too! Until one day little baby Jessica called to say she was getting married.

Whoa. When did that happen?

So Lizzie packed up some suitcases and put her newest baby in a sling and flew across the country so she could be there for little baby Jessica’s wedding.

And as the bride was dancing with her┬ádad, and the song about how she’d always be a little girl played, Lizzie rocked and danced with her littlest baby and wondered if, in 20 years, she’d be dancing at her newest babydoll’s wedding.


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  1. Liked this. I didn’t name ALL of my dolls Jessica, but I did name one of them Jessica. Also, your baby girl is precious!


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks! She is a doll, isn’t she? I’m glad you liked it.


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