Staying in Shape Through Pregnancy: Time to Taper

Did you know that it’s hot out there? I heard that NYC is currently experiencing its fourth heat wave of the summer. Fourth. And the summer is young, my friends. Young. Not even a month into it, technically.

Do you know what is not young? This fetus I am carrying. She’s old. Thirty-eight weeks for crying in the mud. She’s ready to come out (although she’s resisting all my efforts to encourage her). And between this heat and the length of time I expect to be pregnant, I did some quick calculations and decided this: it’s time to taper.

Meaning that yes, I’m still running. But I’m taking it super easy. Letting my body rest. Going slow, slow, slow (and leaving my Garmin at home so that I don’t get discouraged about it). My goal of running to the end of the pregnancy is still on track, but the one about completing my 5-mile loop? Forget about it. The one about 9:00 miles? Not a chance.

Instead, I’ll run a couple of miles (“couple” = 1.5-2.5), then I’ll rest. Sit on the grass and chat with a friend while Micah plays Ultimate and the boys climb trees, or I’ll go shopping. Because, you know, I needed some things at Target, and it’s only 1.5 miles from my house, which is a good run when it’s already 82 degrees out and totally not worth hopping on a bus or a train for. And then I’ll get back on the road and run home.

Tapering at this point in the pregnancy feels great. I still feel like I’m getting the exercise I need, but I’m pretty relaxed about it. And it feels good to think, after every run, that it could have been my last run before she’s born!

Even if I do end up being disappointed in that wish for the next three weeks.

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  1. good for you! Sounds like you’re listening to your bod, and taking care of the baby‚ĶSO excited for you!! You’ve done amazing!


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks! I did go for 4-miler yesterday and while I felt great on the run, I was so sore afterwards. It was very strange because that has never happened in my other pregnancies and I don’t know what I did differently.


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