Note on the Balance of Good and Evil

Five and 1/4 years ago, I was right where I am now. Not sitting on my couch in Brooklyn typing on my laptop, but 38 weeks pregnant and reading news coverage of a senseless shooting that was both so distant (on the other side of the country from my Hawaii home) and so near – because pretty much every one I knew at the time was connected with the nearby college and who’s to say that something so tragic couldn’t happen anywhere, anytime, even at a tiny university on the North Shore of Oahu?

Manchild was born the next day.

And so I am thinking about it again – this crazy world we live in, and how to actually live in it when it feels as though nothing is safe. Not schools, not movie theaters, not even our own homes.

It has never bothered me to bring children into this world, however, such as it is. It is a scary proposition, yes. It is terrifying to think of the many ways my heart could be broken (or I could break theirs). But I like to believe that somehow I will be able to add to the goodness of the world by bringing children into it.

And that, I suppose, is how I can keep myself from going all sorts of crazy trying to anticipate all the bad things that could happen: by focusing on the good, and how my family and I can add to it.

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  1. yes, very good thoughts, and I have had many of the same. Maybe I knew before, but just realizing that you lived on the North Shore of Oahu? Please remind me–where? That is my home now. 🙂
    Take care my running mom friend!


    lizzie Reply:

    We lived in Hauula and Laie from Jan. 2005-July 2007. It was such a wonderful time for us – basically our married life before children – and I can’t wait to go back with the kids and show them that part of our family heritage. Enjoy it for us!


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