Note on Summer Survival Skills

It took me 4 New York City summers to realize the blessing that is the “summer skirt” as my sister and I call it. Seriously, a simple jersey skirt makes a hot, humid day so much more bearable. I may still end up with sweat dripping down my back, but at least I have some air around my legs, because there are few things less comfortable than the prickly feeling of sweaty legs.

We also don’t shy away from the ice pops on certain days. We try to save them for the hottest of the hot, but once we’re there, it’s basically a free-for-all. “Hmmm . .. clearly the blue wasn’t the magic ice pop. Let’s see how green does.”

And we count it a blessing that nearly every playground in the city comes equipped with sprinklers/splashpad qualities where the kids are free to run around in the water to their hearts content.

How else do you survive the summer? Aside from the AC, of course. That one is a no-brainer. (Although, truth be told, we went 3 summers without one.)

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  1. Great photo! loved seeing you all this afternon!


  2. Fun…I try to imagine summer in places that have a real “summer.” Here in Hawaii it’s a bit hotter, but not so much different from October or February. (I do miss seasons.) It’s not too hot here and we don’t have AC but have nice breezes. Enjoy what you’ve got…and hang in there as it is harder being hot and prego!


    lizzie Reply:

    I missed the seasons terribly when we lived there. And you’re right, I wasn’t really ever too hot for me when I was pregnant, although I had Manchild just a few weeks before the hottest part of the year started, so I think I just missed the worst of it.


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