Note on Post-Birth Partying

With Manchild, we did nothing. He was born at 11:20pm. He was two weeks early. We hadn’t even thought that maybe we’d like to celebrate somehow. So we stayed in our room and ate hospital food and tried to get some sleep while nurses came in and out every few hours. Micah didn’t leave the hospital the whole time we were there, and we were both pretty exhausted when we were finally discharged.

Squish was a little different. A very little different. I still ate whatever the hospital put in front of me. I still tried to sleep between the nurses’ visits. But Micah did run out to buy a pint of Haagen-Daas, which we devoured while our newborn slept a few feet away – quite the celebration. My mom brought Manchild to see his new brother, Micah went home to sleep, but stayed with me and Squish as much as he could.

This time, however, things will be different. I’m birthing at home (assuming all goes well). The boys will be gone for the birth, but will come home to a new sister. We’ll be in our own space, with no cafeteria, no nurses poking in every few hours, and no visiting hours to observe. And I’ve been trying to plan accordingly. Who should we call once she’s born? The pizza place? The deli? Should we order sushi? Roti? Indian? Thai? Mexican? The world is my oyster and I’m slightly overwhelmed by the thought of it. (We all know that birthing is hungry work.)

I’ve also been planning to make a cake for months now. I’ll put it in the freezer, take it out when things are getting close, and have my sister put the finishing touches on it when she brings the boys home to meet their sister. Now I just have to decide on a recipe . . . any suggestions?

How have you celebrated having given birth? Do you have a go-to treat? A special meal? Or is it hospital food and freezer meals for a week?

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  1. The birth center I’ve delivered at for all three has a “celebration meal” for new families…salmon or steak and martinellis it’s pretty great 😉 With our second, my husband made cupcakes with our son and they brought them to go with our celebration dinner along with some gifts. Oh, with our first, we made a birth day cake while laboring at home, it was all ready waiting for our little son when we came home. And for the third, we had the celebration meal and the next morning a party with presents hen the kids came to meet their new sister, and I made a cake the day after we went home for her. It was from a box, but who cares? I let the kids pick out the cake and the color for frosting (and they insisted on sprinkles) it was a really fun way for them tone involved. They picked a couple gifts for the new baby and she brought them each a surprise gift on her birthday. It’s fun to celebrate! Oh, and we stopped by the taco truck on our way home from the hospital, so neither of us had to cook dinner that night 😉 Fun stuff, celebrating a new baby! The best is that every one of our babies has smiled when we are singing them happy birthday 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    It was actually your account of your second birth that got me thinking about this. And since we will be home, I thought it would be do-able to make a cake and have a little celebration. So thanks for that! I’ll be sure to post about how things go. Let’s hope I get around to making the cake in time. (I’m waiting until next week when 1. I am actually full term and 2. the temperature is supposed to be a little cooler, which means cake baking will be more comfortable in our hot little kitchen.)


  2. ooh, definitely this one:


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, that looks super good. And it combines three of my favorite things: chocolate, raspberries, and ice cream. Yum.


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