We don’t have a car. Our kids rarely ride in cars. I hardly think about kids in cars. Except at this time of year, when I start seeing stories about kids left in cars – and the sometimes tragic results. And then I can hardly look in a car with a carseat in it without checking to be sure there’s not a baby in there, too.

You see, I read this story in the Washington Post a few summers ago. I’m not going to lie: it is hard to read. Very hard at times. It will likely make you cry. But I hope that it also makes you NEVER EVER EVER FORGET about your baby in the backseat of your car.

So I hope you read it. Skim parts of it if you must. And then don’t forget your kid in the car. Don’t think it is okay to leave her just for a minute. It’s never a minute. And don’t be afraid to step in if you see a kid alone in a car on a summer day. Please.

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